Niesenglass Switzerland GmbH is a Glass manufacturer
focusing on Architecture, Design, Custom production,
Process development and Glass repairs.

Niesenglass Glass Manufacturer Switzerland

Niesenglass Switzerland GmbH is a glass manufacturing company founded by Maximilian Schlott and Jan Vyskocil. Our passion for working with glass brought us together a few years ago and we have been collaborating on various projects ever since. In May 2019 we opened our new workshop in Unterseen, near Interlaken. The studio is located at the foothills of the Niesen mountain, and sits in an idyllic setting above Lake Thun. Here, we can now offer all our services under one roof.


Combining our professional skills and knowhow, we are able to implement a broad range of bespoke products and services to meet our clients’ needs – from tableware, lamps, and sculptures to complex site-specific installation work. We also design custom tools and equipment for glass manufacture. Together we have over 30 years’ experience in hot glass production, casting and cold working techniques. We are always looking to develop and continue to explore and extend our repertoire of techniques.


Our team is flexible and open for new challenges. We attach great importance to quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. We maintain open and cooperative communication with our clients; our goal is to exceed your expectations. At Niesen glass you will find a full in-house service, from producing samples through to the completion of finished products. We support designers, artists and private clients throughout the process of ideation, design research, concept development, technical support and the final realisation of their ideas.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you realise your creative vision.

Equipment of Niesenglass - Glass Manufacturer Switzerland

Hot section

– Main glass oven – 60kg glass – Electric powered – very high glass quality – Glasma 705

– Three cooling ovens (annalears)

– Pick up – Oven for preheating colored glass rods

– Two oxygen torches

– Propane torches

– Two glory holes furnace – 3500mm and 5000mm in diameter – Nature gas

– Fuzzing ovens – maximum size 1100x2100mm

– Two benches

– Glass tools

– More than 200 colors – Reichenbach – Kugler

– 24-carat gold

– Silver

– Copper folie

– Mobile glass oven – 40kgs glass – Propane

– Mobile cooling oven


Cold section A

– Fully equipped cold shop – for drilling, cutting, grinding, and polishing glass

– Engraving possibilities – Spatzier machine – Engraving pen

– UV glue


Cold section B

– Stained glass collection – Bullseye glass – Uroboros – Spectrum 96

– Bullseye grid glass collection

– Set for painting glass

Other services

– Vax modeling

– Hardware for lighting or lighting installations

– High-temperature refractory materials – for casting, mold creating


Niesenglass equipment and capabilities are possible to rent

– Hotshop rent

– Coldshop rent

– Stained glass studio – Vax modeling – Lighting Hardware studio rent

Mobile glass oven

– Mobile glass studio

– You can get help from a glass master for your project