Technology / Tools / Equipments

Niesenglass is happy to be the first European company to bring successful solutions of small glass ovens and studio equipment to market. It has never been easier to work with, or to learn about glassmaking than now.

Niesenglass is able to build, and fully equip any new glass studio as well as provide full service and maintenance.

Mobile glass ovens – Propane or Natural gas

Volume: 40 kgs glass

Fuel: Propane

Pressure: 30 mmbar

Gas consumption: 1 – 3 kg propane / hour

Voltage: 230 V , 50 Hz

Glory holes – Propane or Natural gas

Size: 100 -1000mm – Custom

Lenght: 150 -1000mm – Custom

Doors: 1 – 2 – 3 doors solution. Hand or pneumatic opening.

Fuel: Propane or Natural gas

Control: Manual + Digital

Service and other tools

  • Consulting
  • Service and maintenance
  • Cooling ovens – Electric or waste heat
  • Pipe heater – Propane or Nature gas
  • Pick up – Electric
  • Bench
  • Glass tools – Scissors – Tweezers etc.
  • Independent heating systems – Propane or Nature gas + controller

Niesenglass is wooden tools supplier. We use Beech and Pear wood to produce

  • Wooden molds
  • Blocks
  • Paddles
  • Foot tools

Niesenglass is Diamond grinding tools and polishing tools supplier

  • New diamond wheels

  • Renewing old diamond grinding tools

  • Grinding and polishing equipment

Niesenglass stocks inventory of refractory materials and high-temperature resistant concrete for non-vibration casting.

  • Glass industry

  • Metal industry

  • Construction companies