Monika Kazi

If you want to see the one?, 2022 Images © Conradin Frei.

Carmen Humbel

Lighting production from hotshop, to cold shop, to electrical installation. Images of finished lights © Carmen Humbel Images of production ©  Josef Horák Back

Louise Lang/Glasfaser Video performance at Beatenberg (CH), collaboration with Niesenglass GmbH. Project realised with Niesenglass’s mobile NG40 glass furnace. Images © Louise Lang Back

Andrea Heller/Zones zones; 2021; Frédérique Hutter Art Concept Images of work © Andrea Heller Images of production © Josef Horák Back

Ştefan Tănase/The Gods of Time

Ştefan Tănase_Gods of time

The Gods of Time Copper lamp, blown glass, printing on transparent sticker, resins Images of finished work courtesy of PlattformPlattform and Ştefan Tănase, photography by Mattia Angelini Image of making process copyright to Niesenglass Back

Renaud Defrancesco Design : Renaud Defrancesco Pictures © Renaud Defrancesco and Cyrille Verdon Back