Pedro Wirtz

Pupa; Permanent public installation at Health Center for the Alter Mathysweg, Zürich Images © Niesenglass

Shizuka Saito

Lamps for Espace Tourbillon, glass, ceramic Images ©Alicia Dubuis


Global Wiring; 3D Verbier sculpture park   Images © fragmentin


Polar Bears Never Have To Cry; Rina Sulzer Square, Winterthur All images © Huber.Huber

Monika Kazi

If you want to see the one?, 2022 Images © Conradin Frei.

Carmen Humbel

Lighting production from hotshop, to cold shop, to electrical installation. Images of finished lights © Carmen Humbel Images of production ©  Josef Horák Back

Louise Lang/Glasfaser Video performance at Beatenberg (CH), collaboration with Niesenglass GmbH. Project realised with Niesenglass’s mobile NG40 glass furnace. Images © Louise Lang Back

Andrea Heller/Zones zones; 2021; Frédérique Hutter Art Concept Images of work © Andrea Heller Images of production © Josef Horák Back