Ştefan Tănase

Ştefan Tănase_Gods of time

The Gods of Time Copper lamp, blown glass, printing on transparent sticker, resins Images of finished work courtesy of PlattformPlattform and Ştefan Tănase, photography by Mattia Angelini Image of making process copyright to Niesenglass

Renaud Defrancesco

www.renauddefrancesco.ch Design : Renaud Defrancesco Pictures : Renaud Defrancesco and Cyrille Verdon

Shizuka Satio

www.shizukasaito.com Top two images, flower arrangements by Stella Falcoz, images ©Stella Falcoz Bottom two images © Claudia Ndebele

Andrea Heller

www.andreaheller.ch fluids (of the body); 2020; dimensions variable; glass, ceramic, ink All images © Andrea Heller

Vanessà Heer

www.vanessaheer.com Lately we’ve been thinking more and more about a place where the many can tune in. Sound installation with glass, foile PVC, wooden basin with broken glass, viedo, scores, sound, uni offspace, Zurich Switzerland, 2020. All images © Vanessa Heer.

Helge Brackmann

Ikea Foundation Switzerland All images © Helge Brackmann.