Consultation, Service & Maintenance

Niesenglass is here to help. We offer a consultation service to help you find the best solutions for your requirements. We also offer a full installation, service and maintenance package to ensure your studio equipment is preforming to its best. Whether you are an educational institution, glass artist, or hobbyist we can provide a service […]

Tools & Equipment

Niesenglass offers a selection of glass tools and small scale equipment for the glass studio. Glassblowing Bench   1.200€ Crack-off + Fire Polishing Machines   2 Wheels: 4.150€ 4 Wheels: 5.250€ Wooden tools produced in Beech and Pear wood, including: wooden moulds, blocks, paddles, foot tools.   Prices on request.

Hot Shop Accessories

Niesenglass offer a range of studio accessories which are designed to assist in the production of hot glass. We have both stand-alone equipment and handy combination models which focus on energy efficiency. All products are made to the highest quality standards. Pipe Warmer NG50  opening: 500 x 100 mm  external dimension: 750 x 400 x 1050 mm  linear burner  natural gas or propane   Price: 2.600€ Garage NG900 Inside dimension: […]

Glory Holes

Small glory hole NG 150  Fuel: Natural gas or Propane                   Temperature control: NO Control panel: NO 25cm (w) x 20cm (D) x 15 cm (H)   Price: 3.800€ Glory hole NG 350 E    Fuel: Natural gas or Propane                   Temperature control: YES Control panel: YES Safety shutoff valves: YES Depth of camber: 65cm Maximum Diameter of […]

Glass Furnaces

Niesenglass offers a range of glass furnaces designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Models are offered with a range of specifications; download the full catalogue for the complete overview. NG40 Basic Volume: 35kgs glass Fuel:  Propane Pressure: 50 mmbar Gas consuption: 1-3kgs Propane per hour Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz Annalear: NO Flame […]