Schools & Universities

Engage your students in the world of glass. Niesenglass offer tailored education experiences which explore the material of glass in an exciting, informative and safe way. We can design your experience based on your current classroom projects or design briefs you have set your students. Glass is a unique craft and our workshop are relevant […]

Mobile Glass Furnace

With Niesenglass’ mobile glass NG40 furnace we can bring the hot glass studio to you!  We offer a range of demonstrations and workshops suitable small and large scale events. This can range from a crowd pleasing demonstration, to an in-depth design workshop for a university. Each experience is tailored to your needs, Get in touch […]

Private Glassblowing Workshops

Niesenglass offer glassblowing workshops for those wishing to explore the exciting world of hot glass. We are happy to work with complete beginners so no experience is required. In the workshop our expert glass blowers will take you through the skills needed to start your glass blowing journey. All materials and tools are provided. Whether […]